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Neomycin and Shingles vaccine

I read that if you are allergic to neomycin you can't take the shingles vaccine. I am allergic to neosporin topical (it gives me blisters). I assume I can't get the shingles vaccine then, is this correct since Neosporin contains neomycin, polymixin and bacitracin? I am thinking of getting allegy patch testing (but the lab in our town isn't open yet). I am allergic to all of the antibiotic topicals (bacitracin, metrogel, neosporin, clindaymin topical (cleocin T), mupirocin) as well as two steroid topicals and possibly tetracycline as well.
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People who have had an allergic reaction to gelatin, neomycin both of which are ingredients of the vaccine or any other component of the vaccine should not get the shingles vaccine as it can lead to serious reactions. It is best to consult an expert on immunology about the allergy testing and only after consulting a professional doctor with expertise and experience on vaccination issues can the decision of vaccinating or not vaccinating can be taken. Do take care and keep us posted.
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I have always used Neosporin with great results.  Never a problem with it, EVER.  Last February I got the Shingles vaccination.  No reaction, no problem.  However, I have noticed in recent months that, when I have a need for a healing ointment, and use Neosporin, the wound, scrape, cut or whatever does not heal and the skin around it becomes inflamed.  I've seen posts that if you are allergic to Neosporin you should not get the shingles vaccine.  Is the reverse ever seen?  Does the shingles vaccine CAUSE one to develop a reaction to Neosporin???
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