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New moms- any problems after 2 month vaccines?

Since Im usually on this forum, I thought I would ask other new moms.  I just had my 2 month old twins vaccinated yesterday  (4 shots plus oral med).  They were DTaP, Polio, Pneumococcal  and Hib.  They were fine initially and about 5 hours after the shots, they both started with uncontrollable crying!!  I called the pediatrician who said I could give a very small amount of acetaminephen.  I gave a dose to my daughter because my son was passed out after excessive crying.  When we put him to bed he had a 102 temp, which I gave him some acetam.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  I was never against vaccines, but this has started my thought process on what in the [email protected] are we giving these babies?  I know the risks outweigh the benefits or so they say.....   When was the last time you met someone who contracted polio?  Does anyone know anybody who has delayed or changed the administration of these vaccines?  I certainly want my children protected, but at what expense?  I'm afraid I am risking their developmental or neurological health!!  Am I just being paranoid?

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I just took my little one for a check up yesterday.  He gets his 2 month needles in another month.  He did say that they do develop a fever which is what builds up an immunity due to the injections.  102 seems pretty high though.

How are your little ones doing now?  It doesn't hurt to insist on them being checked out if the fever doesn't go down.

Hope you take care :(
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I have done the routine vacts with all 4 of my kids and never had any problems beside the a little swelling at the injection site. Irritablity was also another problem but I always gave my babies tyenol about a half hour before the shots. Some doctors will argue that there is no need so I always bring my own. I feel that iit helps, but thats just my opinion. As for the fever I have never had that problem but as blueeyes34 said it does seem a bit high. Did you read over the information packet that they are supposed to give you when your LO's get their shots??? If its not a side affect maybe they are coming down with something??? IDK, I hope they start feeling better soon! Happy babies= happy mommy!
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My DD just had her shots las week.  She was a bit irritable but not too bad.  The Dr. did warn me that she could have crying boughts or even a slight fever, and to give her some tylenol if that was the case (fortunately it wasn't).  I agree a fever of 102 does seem a bit high.  

There is a lot to think about since our little ones have to get shots again at 4 months.

Best - Terisa
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Ok ladies,  learned early (with my first) who is now 23 years old...give them a dose of the tylenol 1 hour before they get their shots and you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective that is. It worked for me everytime with all 3 of my children. My daughter, who was the first born only suffered after the first set of shots because I didn't know that one very important little secret. They are all very healthy and I would never have considered to NOT vaccinate. Hope this helps.
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I have chosen to not vaccinate at all.  We have traveled internationally (even Africa for 3 months) and never had a problem.  My son is incredibly healthy and we have no problems.  He attends public school and we just have to sign a waiver saying we understand if there is an outbreak of anything he will not be able to attend school and the state is required by law to provide him with a at-home tutor until the outbreak is over.  Last year was the first time in his whole 6 1/2 years of life that he has had a cold or flu.

I have a serious problem with the ingredients in the vaccines (I do not support the belief they cause autism).  I also have an issue with how many they give young children at one time.  Babies' immune systems are SO immature and injecting them (bypassing all normal body defenses) with vaccines you overwhelm their little bodies.  Keep in mind their immune systems are not 100% until about at 4-5 in which time they can be injected with up to 38 different vaccines!!  If parents do decide to vaccinate, I always recommend them to consider spreading out vaccines so their little ones have some space.  They only develop fevers when their little bodies are overwhelmed and unable to beat the pathogens at healthy body temperatures.

It is not recommended to give Tylenol before getting vaccinations because it can mask any problems or reactions to vaccines.  I am sorry your son is having problems, but I think you need to get to a doctor and get everything documented.  If there are lasting effects you at least have everything in place.

Your profile doesn't say where you are from, but you have rights that vary by state.  Look up vaccinate exemptions by states and you will find website that list what types of exemptions your state allows.  As long as a school or daycare receives funding from the state or federal government they cannot tell you your children HAVE to have all vaccines to attend.  You simply have to sign a waiver.  There are websites that will help you find a vaccine alternative friendly doctors in your area to support any decisions you make.

When the twins are older, you can have their titer levels checked with a simple blood test to check immunity levels.  I think we over vaccinate children for things they are already immune to and subject them to harmful chemicals.  I am vaccinated, but my university tried to tell me I HAD to have 5 vaccines before attending.  I had my levels checked and I had full immunity and did not need the vaccines and did not have to sign a waiver.  If my children later decide to vaccinate themselves, I have no problem paying for that and taking them to have them.
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Irritability and fever are pretty common after immunizations - just remember how you feel after the flu vaccine - but the fever is usually low grade and 102 seems a bit high. If it stays that high, I would call your doctor back.  

There is a lot of controversy now regarding vaccines, but I would not worry about risking their development.  I am developmental psychologist and have done a lot of research on this topic.  I feel that the pros of vaccines still outweigh the cons - I plan on vaccinating my son, but at the same time, I feel that we give too many immunizations at once, and that is a heavy immunological load on such tiny bodies, so I do plan on spacing them out more.  I know many people that have done that as well.  The only catch is that it can be more expensive as insurances are more likely to cover them if they are bundled together.

I hope they feel better when they wake up.
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Yes, these symptoms are common.

It is scary to see your child become sick after immunizations.  

You are right, there are several diseases we don't see anymore such as polio, however, there are other diseases that are starting to emerge again - such as pertussis.

In California, we are seeing a pertussis outbreak - many of these cases are proving to be deadly in the young infants (since their airway is so small and get clogged with mucus).  Not as much a concern for older kids and adults.

I work in the medical field and am currently pregnant with my first child.  Although there are some controversies regarding immunizations, I have seen many unfortunate cases that could have been prevented from immunizations.  

Hope this helps.
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If you had just woken him and it was 102 and he has no signs of dehydration ( less wet diapers, soft spot depressed, hard to arouse) just take his clothes off and recheck in 30 min. 102 is high but not deadly unless he has other symptoms like high pitch scream, refusal to eat and or dehydration.
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I had no problems and we've completed all vaccinations including the 6 month ones.  I did think she ran a little cranky for a day or so but nothing major.
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Due to major allergy issues in my family I am not vaccinating my daughter.  So far she is very healthy.  None of my sister vaccinate their kids.  We beleive that there are other ways of handling childhood illnesses.  I think there can be reasons to vaccinate, but definitely not a 1 fits all case and need to carefully consider what is really a risk and necessary......

Also possible to delay vaccinations until after 2 when the immune system is more mature.

I'd recommend to research thoroughly and make your own decision.  I know I risk my daughter getting sick from some of these child hood illnesses, maybe even seriously.  But I think the risk from the vaccines is also significant.
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It's not uncommon for your child to run a fever for about 24 hours after getting vaccinated.  When your child receives a vaccine their bodies work to build up the antibodies.  I've had all 4 of my kids vaccinated and on occasion they have run fevers and been cranky afterwards...it usually lasted about a day and then they were fine.  

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Yes, fever can be a side-effect of vaccinations. I've had all of my kids vaccinated and from time to time I've seen low-grade fevers and irritability. My son even broke out in hives after an MMR shot. They didn't itch and were gone in 24 hours. If you are more comfortable spreading them out, most Dr's will work with you but I would never suggest not vaccinating. I just saw this on CNN -

There have been 910 recorded cases of whooping cough in the state as of June 15. Five babies have died from the disease this year.

They have declared it an epidemic. If there weren't people traveling internationally and immigrants here from all over the world, then I'd think vaccines might be obsolete but people can carry some of these diseases without every showing symptoms.
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Oh, that was California BTW.
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thank you to everyone.  I really feel like I recieved the best of both sides as far as options and opinions.  And as far as an update, my little sprout is back to normal and doing well.  

I WILL be separating the 4 month vaccines.  No if ands or buts  We will be planning on traveling and we will go outside of the country for their first birthday.  If the doc gives me grief I will leave the practice and go find another doctor who supports my decision.  

thanks again!
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Piggy, a good book of reference for those who choose alternative schedules for vaccines is Dr. Sear's The Vaccine Book.  Its worth a read.
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I have to put in my 2 cents,. your children are fine you say, but they put others at risk by not being vaccinated, then if they do contract an illness THE STATE HAS TO PROVIDE A TUTOR.. are you freeking kidding me, I vaccinate, I know,   to each his own, we all have said, "i nver had a chicken pox vaccine when I was a kid, well times have changed, there is so much crap in everything we eat, smell breathe, you think you educate yourself by looking up things on the internet, which half is untrue,

do what you wish, but I am educated in the infection control field, and I know whats right and wrong
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I agree with you: non vaccinated kids put other children at risk. A kid in San Diego recently contaminated a bunch of kids after a trip to Switzerland, don't remember the 'rare' disease he brought back because his parents had chosen not to vaccinate him.

I always freak out when I see young children approaching my 6 weeks old because I always wonder if they are vaccinated or not, if they are going to make my newborn sick.
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Ryder has now had his 2 month and 4 month vaccines, and no problem at all, except a little cranky for a day or two after.  He was much like he gets when he is overtired or something.  It sounds like your babes may have had a similar type reaction.  This is fairly common. A fever is quite common, and they should have given you some info on what is normal and what is not.  And just for the record, I am firmly in the pro vaccine camp.  The whole reason some of these diseases have essentially been erradicated is due to vaccine.  A resurgence is always possible.  It's true, some do have adverse reactions such as allergies, etc.  It's also true that adverse reactions can happen with things like food, common medications, so on and so forth.  The link to autism has now been essentially debunked.  I agree with some of the others, I think choosing not to vaccinate does put other kids at risk.  In my opinion I think it should be required prior to attending a public school.
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The "outbreak" here in San Diego was measles (not rare).  The boy had other problems that weakened his immune system which prevented him from being able to be vaccinated.  So before people start throwing stones, know the facts.  Because of his illness, the siblings could not be vaccinated either because of something called shedding.

To say that those who choose not to vaccinated are uneducated is farthest from the truth (they are NOT lazy parents).  Vaccines, like many of decisions in my life, I took very seriously and researched like no tomorrow.  I delayed vaccinations until I became comfortable with a decision and my son's pediatrician was fully supportive.  I guarantee you I know more about vaccinations than most in this thread and only a small portion of my research was done via internet.

The state has to provide a tutor for ANY student that decides (more like parents decide) not to attend school doing a "outbreak".  Its not just non-vaccinated or selectively vaccinated children.  It is a legal right (everyone should know their rights!).
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I too had a horrible reaction with my daughter at 2 months.  With my son he took them just fine.  Her leg swelled up, and she screamed for HOURS.  She had her appointment at 10AM and were back around 12PM wondering what was going on.  She didn't stop crying until several pain meds later around 5-6PM.  It was a horrid experience.  Since then, we have spaced them out, like you are planning on doing and she was STILL had issues, but nothing like that.  We were able to figure out which one was causing her the grief the most and we actually postponed the third dose on that until she was over 1 year.  Just wanted to let you know that it happened to us too.

Our doctor also put in a report with the CDC listing our issues, in case our lot of vaccines were linked to other issues.  If anything came up we would have been notified directly from them.  So that put my mind at ease a little.
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The Dtap vaccine essentially is 3 different vaccines in one, then when you add to the other vaccines that means your twins got 6 vaccines in one day, how are little boddies suppost to handle that? Def space them out. and it doesnt hurt to do more research on vaccines, like how the origional polio vaccines were giving people polio and how like half the country was given contaminated polio vaccines tainted with SD40(which is why our cancer rates have doubled) because that was the the virus the Rhuses monkeys carry and it is their kidneys the vaccines were made of.  How AIDS was caused by a vaccine used in Africa because the monkeys they made the vaccine carried the AIDS virus,How the chicken pox vaccine and polio vaccine cause jevunille arthritis in a lot of kids.  CDC alleged to have ignored up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 flu vaccine!
You need to cite references for the information you're presenting. Otherwise its useless. Also, "bodies".
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there is no need to worry if you're vaccinated.aren,t vaccine good?you are supossed to be immune to diseases you're vaccinated for...otherwise ,it means that vaccine are not effective and you're doing them for nothing............think twice before you make a statement!!!!!!!!!!!!you may be wrong
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Hi , I have three daughters and what I did with all of them was never let the doctor give them more then two or three tops @a time. .u may have to take a couple extra trips to the doctor s, but it's worth it..think about how new there imune system is 5 shots are way too many at once in my opinion! I think most vacines are important to have but not at once! The only one I don't allow them to get is the flu shot, because it's the only one that still has mercury in it!! The one Time I allowed it and my one daughter white blood count went threw the roof!! Of course the doc denied it was from the flu shot..but  I think so! So my advice is to just space them out a bit , my doctor never had a problem with that and they should not !
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I have 5 boys and 5 girls. My baby is 2 weeks today. She is not getting any shots. After my third child got her 2 month shots that was the last shots my children received. So my last 7 children did not get shots and they never will. I read a book about it 17 years ago when my third child got her first set of shots and never got them again. It's rare for my children or anyone in our family to get sick. They are homeschooled and home birthed except for two who were premature. They are healthier than most kids who have received the shots. It's up to you whether you want to get your children's shots but to me it's not worth the risk.
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