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New moms- any problems after 2 month vaccines?

Since Im usually on this forum, I thought I would ask other new moms.  I just had my 2 month old twins vaccinated yesterday  (4 shots plus oral med).  They were DTaP, Polio, Pneumococcal  and Hib.  They were fine initially and about 5 hours after the shots, they both started with uncontrollable crying!!  I called the pediatrician who said I could give a very small amount of acetaminephen.  I gave a dose to my daughter because my son was passed out after excessive crying.  When we put him to bed he had a 102 temp, which I gave him some acetam.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  I was never against vaccines, but this has started my thought process on what in the [email protected] are we giving these babies?  I know the risks outweigh the benefits or so they say.....   When was the last time you met someone who contracted polio?  Does anyone know anybody who has delayed or changed the administration of these vaccines?  I certainly want my children protected, but at what expense?  I'm afraid I am risking their developmental or neurological health!!  Am I just being paranoid?

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Yes, these symptoms are common.

It is scary to see your child become sick after immunizations.  

You are right, there are several diseases we don't see anymore such as polio, however, there are other diseases that are starting to emerge again - such as pertussis.

In California, we are seeing a pertussis outbreak - many of these cases are proving to be deadly in the young infants (since their airway is so small and get clogged with mucus).  Not as much a concern for older kids and adults.

I work in the medical field and am currently pregnant with my first child.  Although there are some controversies regarding immunizations, I have seen many unfortunate cases that could have been prevented from immunizations.  

Hope this helps.
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If you had just woken him and it was 102 and he has no signs of dehydration ( less wet diapers, soft spot depressed, hard to arouse) just take his clothes off and recheck in 30 min. 102 is high but not deadly unless he has other symptoms like high pitch scream, refusal to eat and or dehydration.
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I had no problems and we've completed all vaccinations including the 6 month ones.  I did think she ran a little cranky for a day or so but nothing major.
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Due to major allergy issues in my family I am not vaccinating my daughter.  So far she is very healthy.  None of my sister vaccinate their kids.  We beleive that there are other ways of handling childhood illnesses.  I think there can be reasons to vaccinate, but definitely not a 1 fits all case and need to carefully consider what is really a risk and necessary......

Also possible to delay vaccinations until after 2 when the immune system is more mature.

I'd recommend to research thoroughly and make your own decision.  I know I risk my daughter getting sick from some of these child hood illnesses, maybe even seriously.  But I think the risk from the vaccines is also significant.
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It's not uncommon for your child to run a fever for about 24 hours after getting vaccinated.  When your child receives a vaccine their bodies work to build up the antibodies.  I've had all 4 of my kids vaccinated and on occasion they have run fevers and been cranky afterwards...it usually lasted about a day and then they were fine.  

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Yes, fever can be a side-effect of vaccinations. I've had all of my kids vaccinated and from time to time I've seen low-grade fevers and irritability. My son even broke out in hives after an MMR shot. They didn't itch and were gone in 24 hours. If you are more comfortable spreading them out, most Dr's will work with you but I would never suggest not vaccinating. I just saw this on CNN -

There have been 910 recorded cases of whooping cough in the state as of June 15. Five babies have died from the disease this year.

They have declared it an epidemic. If there weren't people traveling internationally and immigrants here from all over the world, then I'd think vaccines might be obsolete but people can carry some of these diseases without every showing symptoms.
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