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Rabies vaccine side effects please !!! Need advice !!!

Hi guys!!!  Jan 16 i was scratch in left ankle in foot by a kitten..
I was  the scratch with soap that time.. And  march 21 i decided to take vaccine beacuse my friend said to me!!!

I finish 4 rabipur shots and RIG imunoglobulin
May last shot is april 27..
But after i finish the shot.. I have smptoms that affect my daily life.
My smptoms during the shots is lower back pain. Then crawling ,tingling all over my body even lips , toungeand head!
Im realy scared that time.. Then tingling ears, sometime buzzing ears.

And now its been 3months from my last shot. I feel less smptoms.
Tingling both feet.. During bed time..
Mild lower back pain
Sometime head ache mild!!!

Im i have same symptoms ??
And have you heard symptoms from rabies vaccine last for a months..
What is this...

Please help me!!!
Advice !!!  
Im tired to go a doctor beacause there all said if i have rabies  and my smptoms is rabies i die within a week..
And not rabies symptoms last for a months..
What is this??
Doctor always gave me antidepressant..

And i decide to take.. Vitamin B and ascorbic acid
Hoping works

Please help!!!
Im 24 male from philippines

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Please help guys!!! Doctors!!
Any same symptoms like me. From rabies vaccine?
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I am no expert, but why did you get the rabies shots? If the kitten had rabies, you would have known fairly quickly. The shots were over 2 months after the kitten scratch.  You would have had problems much earlier and probably would have died if the kitten had rabies.
It's  possible your symptoms are side effects from the shots, but probably not likely since its been several months since your last shot. Back pain and headache could be just normals aches and pains. Tingling could be nerve issue or even caused by anxiety. I'm no Doctor so I don't know. But I really doubt it's from the shots and don't sound too bad to me.
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