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immunedeficiency & chronic infection

I have chronic sinuitis and decreased IgG3. I have many other diseases, possibly also autoimmune. I wonder if it is safe to take an influenza vaccination.

Just today I got to know that my serum lysozyme is elevated. My ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) is at the upper reference limit. Does anybody know, which other diseases than sarcoidosis can increase lysozyme? My serum lysozyme was low normal in last spring, but now elevated. I have a nonspecified tumor in my lung, which could be of sarcoidosis. Nobody knows. TT-images do not reveal its nature. I have an enlarged lymph nodule in the neck and slightly elevated lymhocyte percent in my blood. Could I have sarcoidosis?
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High lysozyme indicates a bacterial infection—could be tubercular or otherwise. Since you have a lung nodule, tuberculosis should be ruled out. Actually influenza vaccine is recommended in those who are immune-compromised and their contacts.  
Whether it can be given to individuals with autoimmune disorder or not is a controversial topic and needs to be taken on a case to case basis after complete clinical examination, and clearance from your physician.
Take care!
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Yesterday in the morning I got the influenza vaccine. The day was a general vaccination day, but I could not ask whether the vaccination is appropriate to me.

I have a chronic sinus infection. Many different diaseases have been suggested for me: vasculitis, polymyalgia, otosclerosis, TIA, myasthenia gravis, sarcoidosis. Blood tests do not support vasculitis/polymyalgia or myasthenia. The lung tumor is only 6x8 mm, and there are a few smaller ones. I also have some cysts in my liver and pancreas. I have hypothyroidism (treated with Thyroid Erfa) and hyperparathyroidism (no treatmnent). My endo dr. could not tell the cause of the lysozyme rise. Maybe there has been sarcoidosis - or not.

My neck muscles are often sore and weak, and sometimes I am cold or have hot flushes or tremor.
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