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vaccines and sids

So I have my baby already but I am begging you all do research on vaccines before your baby arrives. I have my 8 week old girl and she just got her first set of shots and she's very sick after them she's been crying like never before her eyes are in so much pain her body gets so stiff. She has pooped at least 2 times every day since birth now she hasn't pooped since the vaccine it's been 4 days!!!! The doctors keep telling me it's normal but I found how the rotavirus vaccine can cause serious intestinal problem called intussusception. I know it has not been proven but why is SIDS so high around the time of vaccines so many babies have died. I have been all pro for vaccines and the well being of my baby until I found their injecting our babies with poison and the hep b vaccine can cause severe brain trauma I am beyond angry and stressed out praying nothing happens to my little girl. I've read too many horror stories and too much disgusting facts about vaccines and what is in them it's poison. Please please research for the sake of your baby. I regret getting the vaccines
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I want to add it may be a coincidence to some but my baby girl has rarely cried she's been an amazing baby she's always been smiling and happy playful always making lots of wet and poop diapers now she's this miserable baby who's in so much pain if anyone had the same experience please tell me what to do and how it ended
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Sorry that your going thur this. I have two kids and nothing has ever happened to them after there shots. Maybe take her in to see the dr or to the er to have twst ran if your worried. Good luck and hope she gets better.
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I'm scared to poison my baby too. Idk what to do :(
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