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ADHD tracker?

When I signed up, the opening page said that there would be a tracker for ADHD. While I find the mood tracker helpful, I'd like to see one specifically for ADHD!
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Thanks for the great suggestion. We'll add this to our list of to-do's and let you know when it's available.

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I'd like to track this message, so I can know when it's put into place...sounds like something I'd really like to use for myself and my child.
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If you want to track this message, click the Watch This Discussion link at the top of the page. But when the ADHD tracker is available, we'll send you a Private Message as well. Thanks!

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so it's been more than a couple years. How's that ADHD tracker coming? I have set up a customized mood tracker focused around this point, but I would rather the primary gauge be my level of concentration. If there was a tracker where you could customize the titles of the moods, symptoms, treatments, etc. then it could basically be adapted to work for almost any condition. It seems like that is something that you may already be working towards. I tried the "moody" app a year or two ago when it came out, and gave up on it because either the online tracker wasn't as functional, or I didn't find/use it.
Thanks for making a great tool, hopefully there is some more functionality on the way.
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Hi there -

Unfortunately, we haven't yet been able to do an ADHD tracker, though we'd like to.  We have improved our Moody Me app, if you are referring to the iPhone app, as well as our online tracker.  I know you posted in a thread about Android apps, but you can find the Mood tracker (and all of our other apps and trackers) here - http://www.medhelp.org/health_tools


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