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Anxiety/Panic Tracker

Hello All,

We're be launching an anxiety/panic tracker in the near future. If you're interested in this tracker, leave a comment below and we'll personally let you know when it's available.

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It would be very helpful to me to have a tracker for my anxiety/panic.  Perhaps it can include intensity/severity and number of attacks for each day that would be greatly helpful to me and my doctor.
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i can not wait for this. i have had anxiety/panic for years.it runs in my family.it would be very helpfull.it was just yesterday when i was trying to explain anxietyvspanick attacks to my niece and nephews.i plan on letting them know when it is available.
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Yes I would be very interested in this tracker.
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yes,that might be helpfull
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yes good idea
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I'd like to know when this tracker is available
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I would love to know when this tracker is available. Thanks!
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I would love to be notified when the anxiety/panic attack tracker is available.
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I would be interested in knowing when this anxiety tracker is available.
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yes i am definately interested.
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yeah, I'm in
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YES!!!! count me in!
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it would be helpful to know about anxiety tracker i am interested about all the news..
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anxiety /stress tracker would be helpful
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It is a good idea.
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that would be great. thanks.
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would be a great benefit thanks
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Always interested in anything medically-related.
Please inform.
Thank you.
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interested for sure.
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I would be very interested in this topic!
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Please advise me
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I really hope it will work! panic attacks might be difficult to understand by anyone who has not experienced them before!
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It would be great. Would suggest this website to all my friends

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