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BP & HR trackers - ameliorations

I have more than one chronic conditions and just recently discovered your trackers. It's really helping me tracking everything and I'm sure it will help when I meet my (many) docs.

One thing I'd like to be able to do is track more than one blood pressure/pulse measure a day. I know that, for people with high BP, they need to take their BP once a day, at the same time, rested, etc. But my condition requires me to take my BP and pusle , especially these days that my docs try to figure a couple things out, many times during the day, waking up, after making an effort, while I'm feeling bad, etc. I may have up to 5 measures a day! It would be so great to have them all in the same tracker, to see if it varies a lot (or not) on a graph!

Also, I'd like to have the possibility to write down my pulse on the heart rate tracker. Right now, I can write down if I hade an episode and what severity it was, and the frequency (by the way, as someone new to this tracker, I'm still not sure of what is considered an episode, or if I'm supposed to use that for whatever is an episode for me... and I still don't understand what the frequency box is for, since I'm already writing the episodes... So I guess I'm also suggesting kind of a user's manual for all trackers It's not because you think a tracker could be helpful to you that you know how to use it instinctively!). So I was saying, the HR tracker lets you enter if you had an episode, it's severity and the frequency, and symptoms, treatments, etc. But not your.. heart rate itself!
I need to monitor my heart rate regularly. I'm not sure yet if I do have tachychardia, bradychardia or atrial fibrilations, etc. For that, I need to monitor my pulse for a while... Wouldn't it be great if in the tracker I had a place to track it down and have a visual, to maybe see if I have tachycardia, bradychardia or another of those problems?
It would be much more useful to take to my cardiologist... Because he doesn't take my word, he doesn't trust my judgement, if I say I had a tachycardia episode. (I know it's not right and it's sad. But it's like that). But he'll trust the numbers if I'm able to bring him a graph or a list of my HR in the last month!

Thank you so much for all you do, and for your willingness to listen to us and to improve!
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Thanks for all the suggestions. We've had many requests for the multiple blood pressure and pulse readings and we definitely have it on our list of to-do's. We'll let you know when it's available.

We'll be adding a pulse option to the heart rhythm tracker in the next couple weeks. We'll let you know when it's out.

To answer your question regarding Episodes and Frequency. You can add any number of episodes you'd like and indicate a severity for each. It was brought to our attention, however, that some members have so many that it would be really hard to track each one. And therefore, they wanted a more generic high-level Frequency option. If you're tracking each Episode, then you can just leave Frequency blank.

We're glad you find the trackers useful and we'll continue to make them even better in the future. Thanks!
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You can now track pulse in the heart rhythm tracker. Thanks for the suggestion.


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