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Blood Pressure Tracker

I'm happy that a blood pressure tracker has been implemented.  This is very helpful to the Dysautonomia community, as most of us suffer episodes of extremely low blood pressure.  As it is, the blood pressure tracker seems to be geared toward those with high blood pressure.  Would it be possible to expand upon the current blood pressure tracker to include symptoms (fainting, disorientation, etc.) and treatments (vasoconstrictors, stimulants, Florinef, etc.) of low blood pressure?

A heart rate tracker was suggested at one point as well, perhaps this could be implemented within the blood pressure tracker.  Unless there is some benefit in keep these trackers separate from one another.  Just a thought.

A hydration tracker might be helpful to the Dysautonomia community to track liquid intake (water, sports drinks, Pedialyte, PICC hydration treatments, etc.).  I imagine that it would be somewhat useful to other communities as well, such as the fitness/dieting related communities here on Medhelp.

Other ideas:
- Blood Sugar Tracker (possibly beneficial to the Dysautonomia and Diabetes communities)
- Body Temperature Tracker (possibly beneficial to the Dysautonomia and Thyroid communities.)
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Great suggestions. A number of these trackers are in our pipeline of new features. We'll let you know when they're live.

We'll add some hypotension symptoms and treatments in the blood pressure tracker shortly.

As for the heart rate tracker, are you looking to track this multiple times per day or just once per day? Is this something you want to measure at rest and during exercise?

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I like all of your ideas.  To add my 2 cents, I'd think that 1-2 times daily is enough for heart rate monitoring.  I only check my heart rate when I'm checking my blood pressure.  A body temperature checker sounds good too.
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Once per day would be enough for me personally, I will just post it along with my blood pressure reading.  Others may benefit from more frequent tracking though.  It might be helpful to have an opinion from the heart rhythm community.
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Thanks for the suggestion. We've added heart rate/pulse to the blood pressure tracker. We're still working on your other suggestions, but you should be able to track heart rate now.

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The water consumption tracker is now available through My MedHelp. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions on the water tracker. Thanks!
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A dynautonomia tracker is now available!  Start tracking by clicking this link:



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