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I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and could really use some support. I have posted quite a lot on other topics and would like to stay with this forum, please consider it.
Thank you.
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Hi desertgirl,fyi...a number of people are current using the "Fibro" forum to post about CFS.
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thank you!!
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I would like to see the fibro forum renamed FM/CFS --- so that people who have been diagnosed with CFS will know it is there.
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Hey thanks guys ! They are reporting now that as many as 1 out of every 40 people fit the clinical criteria for a CFS diagnosis. = (   You will probably see activity pick up on that board.

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Hi MedHelp,

There are some people on the fibro/CFS board who believe these conditions are the same. The evidence, presented at the IACFS/ME conference in Florida in January 2007 confirms that they are two separate conditions. However, sometimes they overlap, but autoimmune conditions also overlap with fibro & CFS as well.

I'm wondering if its time to start a new board for CFIDS/ME only ? If not, then we need to add CFS when people post on the board. Right now, people only have the option to post for fibro questions.

thanks !
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