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Calorie Budget reset for mydietdiary???

I wanted to know does my calorie budget reset weekly? I noticed if I look ahead to later in the week the calorie budget allowance gets lower and lower. I previously went over my calorie budget so it caused a deficit each day after that. This is only my 4 day of using the diary. Thanks for any input!!
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Hi RhondaMcKinley,

I'm sorry you are having problems with the app. It would be really helpful if you also could tap on Settings in the app (either by tapping on the 3 bars at the top to open the menu or on Settings at the bottom of the app, or on your phone in Android), then Support, and send us an email. If you could say "yes" when it asks you to send data, we will be able to check things out from our end. If you need more specific instructions for your app on your device, just let us know, as these are general instructions.

This will allow us to capture your data, and what type of device you use the app on, and what version of the app you are having. If you could type in the email that you posted here, and a brief explanation of the issue, that would be great. If you have some specifics of what hasn't synced, that would be great, too.

We appreciate it, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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Emily, Hi. I am new to MedHelp. I am a teacher. I have recently been diagnosed with Colitis, Duodenitis, and Gastric Ulcer (Bacterial).  I am having to eat differently. I am using MyDietDiary on my Smartphone and on my laptop.  On my Smartphone, the Calories Remaining states for today -628, and I have only eaten 1/4 cup oatmeal.  I am confused on how to reset this?  Each day my Calories Remaining start off with a negative. Is there a way to correct this?  
Thank your for any input.
Rhonda McKinley
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Hi there -

Where are you using My Diet Diary? Is it on an Android device?

This happens because the app is assuming you will be losing weight towards your goal.  As you enter new weights, the calorie budget will adjust.  These are correct calculations, but they are confusing for a lot of members, so we will be changing this in a future version.

Just keep using the app and updating your weight, and it will adjust.

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