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Can't add weight online?

I can't get the program to let me add my weight consistently.  I use chrome for a browser on this machine and it doesn't work.  But this is one I use during the day.  My home machine won't let me run the program on explorer but does seem to work with chrome.  What am I doing wrong?
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Hi - I'm so sorry you're having this problem.  Are you referring to the weight tracker?
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Sorry,yes thats it.
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Hi there -

I'm sorry you are having problems using the weight tracker.

So to be sure I understand - on one computer that you use during the day, it won't work on Chrome, ever? And on your home computer, it never works on Internet Explorer, but does sometimes on Chrome? Is that correct? Can you make sure you have updated the browsers? Sometimes the trackers won't work on outdated browsers.

When it doesn't let you add your weight, can you tell me what happens? Is the window not popping up? If the window appears, are you able to click "Done"? Is it something else?

Also, are you using the old tracker or new tracker? At the top of the tracker page, you should see a message that says, " We're working on a new look and feel for Trackers, and would like to know what you think." next to a "Try it now" button. If you haven't tried the new format, can you try that and see if it works?

And congrats on your weight loss! That's amazing!

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I'm using the old tracker.  Does that make a difference?  I've looked at the new one and like the old one better.

Ok, so what it does.  When it doesn't work what happens is that it never pops up the window - which - ah hah means I may have a pop up blocker problem?  Hadn't thought of that.  This works nicely on my home computer - it is my work version of chrome that gives me problems and I've got less control on that.  I'll check that out tomorrow.  
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Ok - let us know if the pop-up blocker is an issue. It sounds like it could be!
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