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I'd like to see a general tracker for undiagnosed symptoms! I am using some various trackers and these are great, thanks!  I do have some symptoms that are not on the lists that go with those trackers, tho. Such as a stuffed nose.  Flu/Cold symptoms, however, I don't have a flu or a cold. Thanks!
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Try sudafed and Alavert,it will clear up the congestion.Hope you feel getter and don't be sad! God Bless,Jen P.S. Ask the pharmacist if these over the counter meds are safe if your taking any other prescriptions or over the counter meds.Hope you feel better!
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Thanks for the suggestion. We'd love to create a symptom tracker but there are too many symptoms that you could track and that would make the tracker pretty difficult to use. Flu/cold symptoms could include a stuffed nose. Or you could nasal congestion for that as well.

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