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Delete Personal Information

How do you delete all personal information?  How do you prevent being contacted by another member?  How do you disappear from this forum so no one can reach you?  
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To ensure the protection of your identity on MedHelp (or any other internet forum), never give out your password or any information that could be used to identify you in public forums or profiles (e.g. names, where you live, e-mail addresses). If you wish to share such information with another user, use the private message feature instead.

Your profile is made public to everyone, not just MedHelp users so do not put personally identifiable information to your profile page. However, you can change who sees applications on your profile (e.g. journals, photos, trackers). If you are uncomfortable with who is able to see your applications, you may change the privacy settings located under “Account Settings” from your profile page.

Note that the search engines "spider" forums like MedHelp and your posts will show up in internet searches.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of users, MedHelp does not share the personal information of any of its users. MedHelp members can be contacted directly through the site using private messages. You may block members from sending you messages by going to My MedHelp and clicking on Messages, and then select the Block icon.

If you have posted something that you intended to remain private, you can contact us and ask that the information be removed.

More details are available in the Help files (http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=88)
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