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Deleting Messages

There needs to be a way to delete an entire page of PM's instead of one at a time.  I gave up deleting the things a long time ago b/c it took so long.  First you hit the delete X and then you hit OK and then if you're on dial-up like I am you wait 2 minutes for it to get to the next message.  Please something faster or mine will grow indefinitely.
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Well, I think I have lost count on my old PM's. If they take up more than 4-5 pages, can't the old ones just be automatically deleted?

If someone wants to save them for another occassion, can't it just be a regular notification on top of the mailbox site that says: "messages older than --- are automatically deleted. " ... or something else clever?

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This is a great suggestion. We'll add it to our feature list and let you know when it's available. Thanks!
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I totally agree with this!!
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