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Diet Diary - how to change average to daily


I love this app in general, but unfortunately there is one thing that frustrates me after my second week.
The app seems to show from second week on only my AVERAGE CALORIES everywhere, in charts etc. How can I see how much I have got left ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY?

Also, "monthly exercise" doesn't tell me personally much...I'd love to be able to change it to weekly, so I can track myself a bit better.

Maybe I can't find a setting for this, but I would love to change the average calorie count to daily and I would love to have a place where it would show how many calories I have LEFT to eat on that day.

Thank you!
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Hi Maire,

It sounds like you have a few very specific questions about this app. I will get someone to answer them for you soon. In the mean time, so glad to know you are enjoying it.

MedHelp Team
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Thank you!

I look forward to it!
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Which app are you using? 1) Diet Diary on Chrome, 2) My Diet Diary on Android, or 3) My Diet Diary on iOS?
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Thank you for replying, and sorry for being away - happens with keeping an eye on diet.

I use Diet Diary on Chrome.

I'd like to be able to keep an eye on Daily food averages...and weekly exercises...the monthly average doesn't motivate me very well.....

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