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Do i need to pay to get anwsered?

Do i need to pay to get anwsered?

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Hi Sham -

Our member Communities are all free of charge, as are all of our trackers and iPhone apps.  Some of our expert/doctor forums do have a fee associated with them, and others do not.

If you have a question about a specific expert forum, I'd be glad to help with fee info.

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Q: "Some of our expert/doctor forums do have a fee associated with them, and others do not".

....It has been my understanding that MH is a "non-profit" organization and with that status there are exceptions to copyright laws as well as   "fair use" doctrine that is separate from copyright law.  "Fair use" pertains to quotations from copyright fixation to evaluate, criticize, comment, kick around, whatever on the likes of a internet forum for non-commercial use!  

There has been some notification from mods that the source of any quoted material that includes the wikipedia, etc. should be acknowledged.  Wikipedia, from my understanding, reproduces and compiles "facts, ideas" and so on and that is not protected...obviously the material cannot be reproduced for financial gain.  And if the information when put into a forum answer to a medical question, that information should have quotation marks to avoid being accused of plagiarism which is covertly offering one's comments as their own originality.

Any attorney or paralegal have helpful information, and comments from fellow CL's with their experience would be appreciated.  Is MH a commercial enterprise?  Thanks

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