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Entering a recipe into my foods

I make most of my own recipes from scratch- anything from bread to sauces. Is there some easier way to add it into my food diary then adding all the ingredients and dividing by the percentage I had? Or without loosing information like I would if I added them as a day, then added the caloric, fat, and protein info into a new food. Am I missing something, or could this be a potential improvement to the food diary?
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Hi, ducky406,

My Food Diary doesn't currently have the ability to pull it all together the way you describe, but these are great suggestions -- I'll pass them on to our developers.  Thank you!

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Thanks! It would be a huge help.
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I have this same question - if you look at caloriecount.com, they have a tool where you can build your recipe and then log a serving, and it's pretty cool.  That's the site I was using until I decided I really liked this one better for the most part - but missing that one element is making things a little tricky.  But for now, I'm using the recipe tool in calorie count and then just adding the info here.  A little bit of a pain, but it does work...
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Thanks for your feedback.  I'll add yours to Ducky's.  :)

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This is a great idea and so easily implemented. Too bad the coders are asleep at the wheel!!

Here's a work-around that might get you by ...

Say you're making dinner ("Mom's Chili" serves four)

1. Add all ingredients as a meal. This will give you total calories and macronutrients for 4 servings

2. Create your own custom food "Mom's Chili"

3. Set serving info to 4 and enter the calories and macronutrients from totals above and save it. Now you will have "Mom's Chili" in your food list.

4. Go back and delete the original meal and create a new one with however many servings of "Mom's Chili" you had.


Note to coders: Why not have a button on the meal edit page to save the meal as a custom food (recipe)? Also, it would be nice to include and save the micronutrients to the custom food.

Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone -

We do hope to add this feature at some point, and apologize for any inconvenience that this causes anyone.

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Would love a way to enter a recipe ingredient by ingredient (as I can on my fitness pal)...  I like your overall app better, but can't fully utilize it without being able to build recipes.  I make two smoothies daily and I toss randoms in there - I like to see the nutritional value of the whole things as one recipe.  Hope you update it for android soon!
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