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Why is there the option to link a post to Facebook and Twitter? I am trying to understand the reasoning behind this.
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I have wondered the same thing!  I really don't want someone posting my medical questions or answers even on thier facebook profile for all the world to see.
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I Completely agree!!! I def wld not want anyone finding out what I'm posting here and can't imagine who the world would!!!  TMI !!!!
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Our new "share this" feature allows us to share information such as posts and journals on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. By sharing links to the site, it allows people to find information that may be helpful to them, information that may be critical to their condition that they may not have known was available.

This feature makes it easier for people to share information, information people were already sharing by posting links to posts and journals on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. This feature was created in response to the fact that MedHelp information was already being shared. By creating this feature, we have not altered any of the privacy measures that are in place. Public information remains public, friends only information is still friends only, and private information is still private. If a member shares a journal or user group post that is private, others will still not be able to access it. For example, by sharing a friends-only journal on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, only your friends will be able to view your journal.  If they are not a MedHelp friend, the link will take them back to your profile.  Sharing a post from a private user group will link to the private group's join page, keeping the group's content totally private unless the user joins and access is granted. Posts in forums have always been public and remain so.

As with all public posts on the Internet, please keep in mind that search engines may pick up your post and make it visible to others online.  Therefore, as always, never reveal personally identifiable information. Our new "share this" feature is a way to help others find MedHelp and all we have to offer, connecting us to those who need support or can lend a hand to our members.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if we may be of further assistance or if you have any other questions.
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Thank you for speaking on this Emily. Isn't it amazing how new technology enables us to help so many? Thanks!
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I just thought of a question. I seen something in the Relationships Forum that I wanted to share on my Facebook page. When you share something on Facebook, Twiiter, etc does it also share your username? That is why I declined to share the post on my Facebook page because I didn't want my username revealed. Thanks!
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No, it doesn't.  It looks the same as if you had posted a link on FB or Twitter by copying and pasting it.

Good question!

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You can preview what it'll post on Facebook when you click the FB button. If you're worried about your user name being revealed, you may want to submit a request to Contact Us to change your user name before posting on Facebook.


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