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Features on Blood pressure tracker

The blood pressure tracker would have additional utility for those of us monitoring for orthostatic conditions if there were a way to indicate if each reading represented a supine, sitting, or standing BP.  Most functional would be if you could graph all supine readings on their own lines in one color, all sitting readings on separate lines in their own color, etc., and perhaps even allow the option of displaying either all three layered or one at a time for printing purposes.  As it is now, we have to choose between having all these readings together on one graph undifferentiated (which makes for a meaningless jumble, rather than being able to compare equivalent readings to look for signs of supine hypertension or orthostatic hypotension) or setting up three separate instances of the blood pressure tracker with one each for the different positions in which we take our blood pressure.  The latter seems preferable, but the inability to layer the graphs means that you can't easily track trends over time which happen regardless of position.  Ideally, one needs to be able to view the readings both layered and separately to get the whole picture.
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We'll be working on some changes to the Blood Pressure tracker that will allow you to enter in multiple BP readings per day. When we do that, we'll also add the ability to categorize the type of reading by supine, sitting, standing, and exercise. Thanks for the great suggestion.

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I agree!  This would be a wonderful feature!
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