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For the MedHelp staff: Is there a way to switch back to the original forum format??

Is there a way to switch back to the original, much better format? I am totally frustrated!

One of my computers uses Google Chrome and was switched over to the new format. A couple of days later it was switched back, and I was overjoyed!

Today,  I discovered that my other computer, which uses Internet Explorer, has now been switched to the new format. This is my newer PC, which I use most often, so I really want the original version on it!

( Someone wrote that we could change back by looking under options at the top right, and clicking on "Full site," but I cannot locate anything that says full site.)

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You can try another browser, or try logging out and in again. ("full site" is for mobile users only.)
Logging out and back in didn't help. Can't see changing browsers just for MedHelp (no offense).
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Okay, after the 3rd time I logged out and in again, I got the original version back.

I have been on MedHelp for years and each time you improve it is harder to get to the MS forum. You can't see what you are writing and the questions are harder to read. If you want to get old timers to quit this is a good way. If I can't read the questions easily I will be less likely to answer them. If I do not answer on Ovarian cancer you will have one person answering who does not have ovarian cancer.
I agree. Go back to the old format. . . PLEASE !!!!!!
I don't get on here too often anymore but I can tell you I do not like the "new" format. Who di I contact about changing it back?
Hi Linda - if you want to send us feedback/concerns, the best way to do so is through the "Contact" link at the bottom of the pages. Thanks for being willing to share your thoughts!
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I use Firefox and this worked for me. Perhaps it would also work for IE.
Try this

I went to tools and then options. I went to privacy and show cookies and then I cleared all cookies. Then I went back to MH and the original format was back. I logged in and it has been fine since.
Thank you Mike, I think that the change is rolling each of us has a 30% chance of seeing new format.  I am trying yours and Barbs suggestions.  Having one line to type in is not user friendly as I don't know what I have writen. Thank you again from the depths of new format hell :)
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Logging out and then in again also works, although it took 3 tries for me.

I guess it's kind of like rolling dice--eventually you may come up a winner!

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I agree! When you have only a one-line box in which to write a reply, it's difficult to remember or see  what you've  written. As a result, I've  already had some messed up posts.

Please submit your excellent feedback to MH by using the  "contact us"
option (have you been able to locate it yet?) since MedHelp has explained in another thread that they tabulate and consider feedback received that way, rather than the views we express in this forum:

"While this is a great venue for communicating ideas for improvement (add this feature, would like a tracker for x, etc), when we have an event that generates much heavier feedback like this, it's very difficult to track in this format.  By sending specific feedback to "contact us," the feedback can be tracked, noting the number of requests for x or y to be changed, in an efficient way so that staff can clearly communicate to our engineers."

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Hi -

In the comment box, you can type more than one line. You can't see all of the text, but it's there. This will be one of the things that are fixed, but I don't know when. The box will either adjust as you type, or you'll be able to size it to show more text, but it will be fixed.


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Yes, I realize you can type more than one sentence; I just meant that the box is only one line wide, so you can't see your whole post, to review and edit it.

I'm pleased to hear that this will be fixed in some way.

(But I'd rather hear that the whole experiment will be scrapped, and we will get back the original forum format which worked just fine!)

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Thank you Emily for letting us know.
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     Up until today I have always been able to get back to the original format by signing out, then in again. Today I tried that about 5 times and still got the new version, which I intensely dislike.
     Is the original version now gone for good??
     Please say it isn't so!!
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Hi there.  The roll out is at about 50 percent complete so far so you should still be able to log out and back in (possibly a few times) to get back to the old format if you prefer it.  As a temporary page by page fix, you can also  Add these characters to the end of the URL (located in your browser's address bar) to toggle between the old/new.

       Old to New:  ?new_forums_test=A

       New to Old:  ?new_forums_test=B

This will allow you to toggle between old and new or go from new to old.  However, it will have to be added to each page as it doesn't change you completely to the old format.  

Hope this helps!

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I just tried it and it worked.

Thanks so much!

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You are very welcome.  Have a great day.  
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