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General Health Tracker Please

What about a General Health Tracker? It would be helpful for those of us with chronic conditions to see how various ups and downs in our general health overlap and effect our other conditions. And, it would be useful for others just to track how many colds they get per year and stuff like that.

I think that if you were to create a tracker like this, you could create one with the following items:

Seasonal Infections:
- Common Cold Symptoms
- Influenza Symptoms
- Allergy Symptoms

Acute Infections:
- Acute Virus Infection
- Acute Bacterial Infection
- Acute Parasitic Infection
- Acute Mycosis (fungus infection)

First Aid
- (no sub-category needed i think)

Location Specific:
- Endocrine
- Nervous system
- Eye
- Ear/Nose/Throat (could be divided into seperate categories or not)
- Cardiovascular
- Respiratory
- Teeth (all dentistry issues)
- Digestive System
- Skin (burns and rashes)
- Musculoskeletal (e.g. sprains and muscle tears)
- Osteochondropathy (e.g. injury to the bones)
- Urinary Tract + Sexual Health (could be divided into two categories or not)
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Thanks for the suggestions. We'll add this to our list of to-do's and let you know when it's available.

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Great idea!  Maybe add a bronchitis option too.  I like the idea though!  :)
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This sounds like it would be really complicated...I'm not sure how user friendly it could be, but I like the idea.  
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The "treatments" section could include good habits for general health (exercise, meditation, etc).
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Ohhh! I have to agree! That would be neat.
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