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Geriatric Listing Title

I would like to suggest that one of your listing titles be "Geriatric". I just joined the site and that's what I was looking for to pose a question about elderly people and certain medications. For example...Geriatric Depression..Not everything is related to Alzheimers. Just a thought as I really hesitated when I looked for a broad subject. Senior Health is just so broad for the people who have lived for so many years, and are living older and older nowadays. Thanks for listening.
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Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion!  I see that you've also posted in Senior Health, but don't count out our Depression community -- they may have the answers you're looking for as well.  Here's a link: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Depression/show/57
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As Claire mentioned above, our Senior Health Community encompasses Geriatric Depression support.  If Geriatric Depression is able to grow within the Senior Health Community, we may be able to split it out as a new community.  Please feel free to drop me a PM - we'd enjoy hearing from you and can exchange ideas!


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