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Got a cool app idea? Submit your idea and win!

We are asking the MedHelp community to share their health app ideas: any app idea that promotes a healthy lifestyle, helps anyone with a specific disease or illness, and/or helps manage health information.  

The MedHelp staff will then choose the top 10 ideas and in addition to an Amazon gift card and MedHelp swag, these ideas will be worked on by the attendees of our next hackathon. During the hackathon, each team will choose one of the ideas to work on for cash prizes and continued support from MedHelp to get these ideas online or in the app store.

The final winner of the hackathon will be voted on by the MedHelp Community, and you will be able to watch videos from the hackathon to see the process of building your ideas into apps.

Post your ideas for apps here, and if you are interested in the hackathon, let Emily know.  http://www.medhelp.org/personal_pages/user/707563

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your ideas!

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Sounds good I will be back..Thanks..
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How detailed do you want the input? And, should that detail be posted here? Is this discussion completely public? Just thinking in the world of lighting speed technology, the best app idea could be presented right before our eyes and jumped on by someone else other than medhelp .....just an out loud thought I had regarding posting the idea here.
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Hi -

Just one, maybe 2 sentences, to explain it is perfect.

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How about an app that lets you know what " ingredients " are in common products? Many of us have allergies or sensitivities...milk, gluten, egg, etc.
Sometimes it takes hours to shop...reading all those labels...blah.
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Oops...the app should be easy to use...type in your allergies, the app tells you what NOT to buy. lol
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I have an idea for an interactive app that would help someone (guide and support them) through a panic attack in real time.  It could be useful in identifying trends with panic.  I have the idea of it being like a stopwatch (kind of) and could be activated by hitting a "panic button"...with various prompts, both instructional and emotionally supportive, consoling.

Emily said to be brief in the description, being brief is NOT something I'm good at!!!  LOL
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Submission Idea #2:

A comprehensive medical record app.  This would be very helpful especially for people with numerous medical conditions, seeing many different kinds of specialists.

It could include a list of meds, features that could allow entry of lab results or test results from certain dates, appointment manager that would prompt reminders of appts, contact info of providers (docs, pharmacies, etc) could be included to make it easy to call them with the tap of a button, a place where the user could enter questions they have for the next appt, and so forth.
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Couple ideas from members who are more comfortable with me posting for them:

* Primary Care Physician app so you know who is on call and in the office and can email them or leave a voicemail, etc.

* Pet Meds tracker or reminder
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As mentioned, a 'real time' facebook-type app would be useful in many situations. It would save a lot of time in PM's, etc. and would be more encouraging for those in difficult situations. Also, this may sound crazy but how about a way to send a 'Power Song' (encouragement) to someone? Thanks.
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These are great! Keep them coming!
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Sorry, am I missing the reason there's no app to browse your forums? If you built such an app, you could integrate it with the half dozen or so freebie apps you have currently. You could even monetize it in any number of ways. I'm guessing your problem is an antiquated back-end, as I can't imagine any other reason you don't have an app for this already. Check out Alien Blue for Reddit as an example of a great iOS app for web-based forums.

An idea for a freebie (similar to the ones you've already got) would be a medication tracker with alarms, etc. telling people what to take and when to take it.

Another thought is around adding a social component to some of things you already do. So for women tracking ovulation, give them an option to automatically connect with other women doing the same thing at the same stage. The app currently puts them into your forums, why not have it suggest friends. Or people quitting drugs/alchohol. Or people coping with loss.
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Sorry, my last two sentences might be confusing. I didn't mean you should suggest people quitting drugs/alchohol to ovulating women. I meant for people doing a specific thing (whatever it is), you could suggest friends who are doing the same thing.
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