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Growth charts linked to baby tracker

I just created a baby tracker where I am tracking the weight of my premature son.  Then I saw a notice on the home page that there are new growth charts for babies. However, there was no link to it.  I would love to be able to add the standard growth chart to my tracker so I can track my son's progress versus the norm - kind of like you would do at Yahoo Finance to compare one indice/stock to another over a period of time.  


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The charts are actually added to your profile page or to your Baby Page, not to the tracker page itself. To add the charts, go to the page you want to add it to (profile or Baby) and then click the Page Settings button in the upper right. The button looks like it has gears on it. Then look for the Weight Percentiles Chart and the Height Percentiles Chart and add them.

Since you're new to MedHelp, you may not know what Baby Pages are, so I've included a link to more information about Baby Pages. If you would like to add a Baby Page, click the little "+" tab next to Profile and click Baby Page. If you decide to add a Baby Page, all the related Baby widgets will be automatically added for you, including the Weight & Height Percentiles, Immunizations, About Baby, and a ticker to countdown to the baby's birthday.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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