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Heart Rate Tracker is Buggered !

Since the tracker has been out of action for a day for modification about a week ago, someone has thought it a good idea to remove the small window that allowed you to put Blood pressure and Heart rate in at one easy go and decided to make it much more involved.... Why ??
Also inputting data into 'symptoms, treatment & journal entry' is now impossible.

Any chance of putting it right and sacking the person that fouled it up ?
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Hi there -

I'm sorry you are having problems with the tracker.

If you open your BP tracker, and click on the "All" tab, you should see BP, and when you click on that, you should see the places to easily add your BP.

We were aware of the journal entry issues, but what happens when you try to add symptoms and treatments? How are you trying to add them? If you click in the area to add your BP, then click on All, then Symptoms or Treatments at the top of that window, you should be able to add both.

Please let us know what isn't working, and what it is doing/not doing that is making it not work.


1711711 tn?1340741416
Thanks for getting back to me Emily, the forst issue is that when I click 'add data' instead of getting a new window with the three boxes empty for the BP & HR to go into.. now I get a calendar and have to select the date and then have a choice of inputting HR or BP, so whichever I choose, I then have to select the other one to finish the task.
The second issue is now very 'long handed' to input data to 'symptoms' etc as you suggest but when I hover the mouse over the box marked symptoms etc, a box opens saying "click here to add data". but nothing happens like it used to.
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Hi there -

Are you using the Health Feed or the actual tracker?

How do you get to the tracker? Do you have it bookmarked, or do you log in, then go to My MedHelp, then trackers? When you first open the tracker, what URL is that? Can you post that, or if you prefer, send it in a PM?



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