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Hepatis B Tracker

A Hepatitis B tracker would not be so different from the Hepatitis C tracker. Can you please modify the existing tracker to allow for both hepB and hepC?
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Thanks for the suggestion. What modifications would you like to see made to the Hep C Tracker?

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Wow! I did not even see this reply until now! I guess I am still not at home with all the features here.
When I recommended the change to the HepC tracker, it did not allow an entry beyond 2 million copies/ml. I see now that this has changed, and it is perfectly usable as a HepB tracker too. Thank you!
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I would like to see changes in hepatitis tracker :
1.viral load for hepatits b
2.blood tests like ALAT ASPAT HGB etc.
3.Fibroscan results
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Hi there -

What do the Fibroscan results look like?  Is it a number you'd want to chart, or something to just keep record of?


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