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How do I delete a food I entered by mistake on My Diet Diary on my iphone

How do I delete a food I entered by mistake on My Diet Diary on my Iphone.  I wrote several food entries on the wrong date and I cannot delete them.  Thank you :)
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Hi - when you're in the app, tap the menu, then select "support".  That will send your message, along with your app version, phone's OS, etc., to our app support team, and they can give you the best help.
I dont see anything that says menu in my app.  I have My Diet Diary app and just need the simple answer of how to delete food added by mistake.  Thanks
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Hi there -

Unfortunately, the answer will vary depending on if you added it to a meal, or added it as your own food, and what version of the app you're using, etc. This is why we ask that you email app support. We realize it's not as convenient, but it does allow for more personalized support.

If you have the app open, in the upper left corner, you should see 3 short horizontal bars. Tap on that, and that opens the menu. If you scroll down, you should see "App Support". You can tap on that, and send the App Support team an email.

Thanks, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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