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How to modify data in a tracker?

Good morning,
with the new aspect of trackers I don't know how to modify data insert in the tracker: for example, in the sleep tracker, I introduce a wrong time but I can't modify it after I have pushed the "done" button.

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Hi Loredana,

You can edit your data on the Sleep tracker by clicking on the "Add Data" link (it's at the top right corner when you are looking at your Sleep tracker).  From there, you can click on the date on the calendar you want to edit, then the item you want to edit.

Let us know if you need more help!

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Dear Amber,
I add data as you indicated, but unfortunately, I introduce a wrong time.
I saw the mistake after pushing the "Done" button.
When I try to change, through Add Data, it don't show me the wrong data so I cannot modify it. I can only add new data but if the times are overlapped (in order to modify the wrong data), I cannot add.
Finally, I have to adjust the wrong sleeping time but I cannot do it.

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Hi there -

Thanks for clarifying. I tried to click right on the date in the chart, and it just grays the screen, and doesn't respond. Is that what happens to you?


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Oh when I got the grayed screen, I hit refresh, and then clicked right on the day, and it worked. When this opens, click on "sleep times", and you can change what you need to for that day.

Let me know if that works.

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Maybe I don't explain well, English is not my mother tongue.
All the functionalities work well, but I cannot see and change the previous entry.
I wrongly insert 12.00 pm but I meant 12.00 am, and now I don't know how to correct it.
when I click on the day, window opens but it doesn't show me the previous entry, but I only insert a new one. And if I insert the right time, it says me that the two time are overlapped and so I cannot insert the right one.
With the previous layout I  can did that.
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When you click on sleep times, in the bottom left of the data entry box, do you see the sleep times you previously entered? If so, you can click edit (pencil icon) or delete (trash icon) next to those.
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dear sk123, you have centered the problem: I don't see the sleep times I previously entered in the data entry box, so I cannot change them.
In the previous layout I saw the pencil and the trash icon but now they are not present.
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I think the new tracker layouts are worse then the previous ones!!!
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I have the same problem:  If I input the wrong data into a tracker, I can't figure out how to edit (revise or remove) the entry, all I can do is add!  Since it is very easy to click on the wrong day, it is also easy to make entry errors.  I hope the ability to edit data is restored.
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I have the same problem. Also annoying is that when I close the modal layer, the calendar resets to today.
Can't be that hard to get this fixed.
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I'm sorry you are having problems with the app. It would be really helpful if you also could tap on Settings in the app, then Support, and send us an email. If you could say "yes" when it asks you to send data, we will be able to check things out from our end. If you need more specific instructions for your app on your device, just let us know, as these are general instructions.

This will allow us to capture your data, and what type of device you use the app on, and what version of the app you are having. If you could type in the email that you posted here, and a brief explanation of the issue, that would be great.

We appreciate it, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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