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Improve commenting

I think it would be helpful if you include features like uploading Pictures with reference to questions.Also include features like compiling tables and flow charts for easy understanding of answers, hyperlinks for reference,
As commenting sections only allow typing mode but not other features sometimes it is very difficult to answer in a more precise way for complicated problems.
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Is there a way to withdraw comments once posted (to be done by user) other than reporting it as spam (by other user) or make corrections to previous comment rather than correcting it in the next comment?
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Hi, vedadhar,

Thanks for your suggestions -- I'll pass them on to our engineers.  

You can include a photo with a question -- after composing a question, just click the "Add a photo" box before submitting.  The photo will show up on the right side of your post.  Images can't be included in answers, though.  

You should be able to post hyperlinks in basic form, although our platform doesn't allow you to enter HTML code to format them.

Currently, our platform doesn't offer editing for a variety of reasons, and reporting a post as spam may not result in its removal.  However, you  have the option to make any corrections in a later post, if you realize that you've misspoken.

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Thank you.
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