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Improvement to Weight Tracker graph

Hi, I think the graph tracker is excellent, especially considering it is a free service!
But one improvement I think it desperately needs is a better way of representing the numbers on the x-axis of the graph i.e. the weight.
It is difficult to see what a line actually represents. To clarify what I mean, its not obvious if a dot on the graph means 14, 15 or something in between like 14.5.

Its not just me being stupid, I asked friends and family for their opinions too and they agree with me.

What do you guys think?
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Thanks for the thoughtful comment. We've often wondered if adding a hover to a point on the line might be useful. For example, if you put your mouse over a specific dot, and something popped up that showed you the exact value. What do you think of that?

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Great idea!
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I think a mouse hover point, showing info on the dot, would be a huge improvement!

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Can I print a years worth of weigh tracker on one chart and if so how?
Best regards
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Hi there -

This is something we are working on currently, and hope to have out very soon.  We will be letting people know when it's released.

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