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How do I change my interestsn on my home page as I have alot of interests other than medical. I really was not the one who put all that stuff there. My interests include, animals their welfare, esp. horses and dogs, art and music, the outdoors and nature, wildlife, planting trees, gardens,people, helping people, I love to walk in nature, I love to fish and star gaze along with photography. I also love to rock hound and do natural work with woods, art wise.
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You can edit these interests by going to your Profile Page. In the About Me widget where you see your interests, you should see an Edit link in the upper right. If you click on that, you can change the interests that you set up when you registered or created your profile for the first time. You can also add these new interests in the Other category.

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how do i change my about me section?
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Hi there -

In the top right corner of the About Me section, you'll see "Edit".  Just click that and you can make the changes you need to.  Be sure to hit "Save" at the bottom right when you are finished.


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