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Journal Entry isn't going to my Migraine Tracker

My journal entries are going to all journals instead of being linked to my Migraine Tracker. I also cannot edit the date of my journal entries. Before the UI change, I was able to add a journal entry when I was adding information for my migraine. Now there is no link. Can you tell me how I can get my Migraine journal entries back into my Migraine Tracker and how to edit them so they match up to the dates of my migraines?
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Found it! I have to click on the Journal icon on the chart to add an entry to my Headache/Migraine Tracker.
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Ah, your second post came in just as I was responding!  Glad you found it. :)

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Um, I know this is a really old thread... but clicking on the Journal icon in the chart does nothing at all for me. D:
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Hi there -

No, it's still not working, but we are working on some changes to it that we hope to happen soon, so hang in there, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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