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Med Help Maintenance Warning!!!!


As you know, the site needs to go into maintenance every week as privacy and other aspects are extremely important. Sometimes, and I believe this has happened to all of us, we are typing long posts or messages, or notes which can’t be delivered when all of a sudden MH starts doing maintenance without prior notice.

Here is my suggestion to Med Help.  Would it be possible to display a warning sign at the top indicating that the site will be entering maintenance mode at least 30 minutes before it starts? That’d give MH members plenty of time to either refrain from posting, or post/type faster, before the site gets locked up.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!!!
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I agree, PrettyKitty. That would be great. I was right in the middle of uploading a bunch of pictures last night and lost it all because MH shut down suddenly. I had forgotten that they usually do that on Sunday nights. A reminder would be great!
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I've encountered the same situation, where I'm composing... then, the site shuts down. A pre-shut down alert would be helpful.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Please see our reply at:

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