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Migraine Tracker Not Working?

Is there any reason why the Migraine Tracker hasn't been working lately? I haven't been able to pull it up for a couple of weeks now. I get an error message "sorry there was an unexpected error" - that's it. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else. The other trackers I use are working fine (exercise, sleep, mood). Any help? Thanks.
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We'll look into this and restore your service. In the future, please send these types of technical issues to Contact Us. We do not check the Suggestions Forum often and if you need help quickly, Customer Support would be able to provide it sooner.

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My migraine tracker hasn't been working either. I sent a message to "Contact Us" over a week ago and finally on Tuesday I think someone from MedHelp said they were going to look into it... but, it's Saturday now and my migraine tracker still isn't working either.

Hopefully they'll have it fixed by Monday? Because I'm assuming that they've been actively working on fixing it for at least a week now according to the reply I got from MedHelp a week ago.
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I think the migraine trackers are working again. At least mine is. Thanks MedHelp! :)

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