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Migraine Tracker Suggestions - Treatments


I was wondering if you could add more treatments to the migraine tracker... specifically preventative/prophylactic treatments; but, instead of having to add every preventative treatment out there every time a medhelp user starts taking a new one, I thought it would be useful if you just added the 4 main basic categories of preventative/prophylactic treatments to the migraine tracker treatments section. So, to the treatment section of the migraine tracker could you please add:

- Antidepressants
- Anticonvulsants
- Beta blockers
- Botox Injections

In addition, it might be helpful if you added the most common supplements that are used as preventative treatments too:

- Vitamin B2
- Magnesium
- Coenzyme Q10

Currently I believe the only preventative treatment that is listed in the treatments section of the migraine tracker is Topamax, which is an anticonvulsant, but I know that many people who use the migraine tracker use all sort of other preventative treatments as well... Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline are two antidepressants I hear people on the forums mention quite often... and lots of people use beta blockers, I personally use the beta blocker Nadolol and I have pften heard other people on the forums mention a beta blocker called Propranolol. In addition, I know that Magnesium is a very popular preventative treatment here on medhelp, and I personally am using Coenzyme Q10 at the moment... and I had used Vitamin B2 for years. So, I think that these are all important treatments to add, but by adding the general classes of medication (Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants, Beta blockers, Botox Injections) instead of the individual medications, it will save you time in the long run. Also, I do think that adding the somewhat alternative preventatives are important too because they are commonly prescribed by neurologists and rather popular among medhelp users.


- Marilee
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Thanks for the suggestions. We'll add the four major categories plus the supplements as treatments to the Migraine Tracker. We'll let you know when they're available.

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Thank you so much!! :)

- marilee
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Thanks for the suggestions. We just wanted to let you know that anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, beta blockers, botox injections, Vitamin B12, magnesium, and Coenzyme Q10 are now available in the Migraine/Headache Tracker.

Thanks, MedHelp

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