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Mobile version

Could you put the website, or at least some trackers, in mobile version, so I could update my trackers from my iPhone? I can access the website, but it's almost impossible to do anything, even with the zoom everything is so cramped and small, and takes so long to upload each time I move around, I give up every time I try...
But until I'll be able to update my trackers from my iPhone, I won't be able to update my trackers every day, and it bugs me big time! ...last night I emailed myself my pain levels, from my iPhone, so today I would be able to update my pain tracker for yesterday... just to tell you how much I need this!

Thanks for trying to work it out!

(I'd pay for an app that would do it instead of simply a mobile version of the website... like 2$)
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Thanks for the suggestion. We do have iPhone apps on our list of to-do's and we'll be experimenting with them next year to see if people enjoy accessing their trackers this way. If there are other members who would like this feature, please let us know what trackers would be most important to you and we'll let you know when they're available.

As a side note, some of our trackers are available as iGoogle gadgets. The weight tracker, mood tracker, and water consumption tracker are all available on iGoogle. Just go to your iGoogle page, click "Add Stuff" and then search for MedHelp.

Our goal is to allow you to access MedHelp and your information from anywhere. iGoogle was the first step in that direction and we'll be experimenting with iPhones next.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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I agree.  I have the mood tracker and it would be wonderful to be access from my mobile phone (I have AT&T mediaNet)   Maybe even just creating a mobile web browser (plain script) accessible webpage.
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Thanks for the suggestion. We are definitely interested in creating mobile versions of our trackers. You mention that you have AT&T. What phone are you using?

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It would be great to see a tracker for Windows Mobile smartphones, such as the Motorola Q.
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I too have AT&T (Blackjack II - Windows Mobile 6.1 device) and it would be great to have a mobile version to simply enter in the moods during the day and to have text message alerts to remind you to do so.  When in the throws of a manic or depressive mood, the last thing I'm going to remember to do is to track that mood, but feel that is when it is most important (and won't be able to "remember" how the moods felt when entering at the end of the day)
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Another vote here for an iPhone app - all trackers :)

It was an iPhone app I have installed that led me on a search and I found MedHelp. If there was a MedHelp iPhone app with synchronization functionality it would likely decimate similar apps available.
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I'd love to see the mood tracker and the food tracker on a mobile platform -- especially food so I could keep up with my calories on-the-go. (I wouldn't even need the full functionality, but maybe just a place where I could put a list of what I'd eaten and how many servings, then fill it in later on at my computer with the rest of the details. I'm using a Windows Mobile phone (the SMT5800) from Verizon, and would likely be updating from my mobile Internet Explorer.

If you did do this, the most important features to include, in my opinion, would be the access to your "my foods" list and the ability to put in a food  that doesn't exist yet. That way I could enter something at McDonald's or something, come back to my house, and complete the entry with the nutritional information from their website.

Just a thought...
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All great suggestions! Thank you all so much. We're working on a few things for mobile and will keep you posted!

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Hello All,

We're very happy to announce that we've created a mobile version of the site. As of today, you can access all of our forums and communities, post a question, log in and change your mood, check your inbox, and view your notifications. Trackers are a bit more complicated so they were not included in this release. The next phase will include many more features, but for now, you can access MedHelp from a mobile phone. This should work on all smartphones, including iPhone, Android phones, Palm Pre, and Opera Mini. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

To access the mobile site, all you have to do is go to your browser on your mobile phone and type www.medhelp.org. You should automatically be redirected to our mobile site.

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I'm just trying to figure out some issues I'm having with the Mobile version.
First, when I attempt to log in, the first attempt always fails, but logs in on the second attempt.
Second, once my profile is accessed, I can't get any further in the Notification box, i.e., if someone comments on a journal I've written, that's all I know, as my journals, photos, and notes are not accessable at all, nor can I see what comments have been made. The mobile site does not make these accessable links, they are just in plain text. For example, it says Username (which is an accessable link) has commented on a Photo (not an accessable link, and absolutely no way to access it from the mobile site).
I thought I might be able to access my profile and see the comments to my stuff by accessing the link to the Full Site, since, on my mobile Home page, the very bottom link is for the Full Site.
However, when I click this link, I get a blank, white screen. From here, there is NOTHING I can do. I can't log out or re-access the mobile site or anything--it's just a blank, white screen. I can refresh it all I want and get the same results.
That being the case, I can't log off of MH. So when I close the page and try to re-open it to log back in, it's impossible to do that as well, because my login time has not expired. So if I close the page, try to re-open it to log back in, I get that same white screen. I have to wait about 12 hours before my mobile login expires and lets me log back in from my iPhone.
Am I doing something wrong? I love this site and enjoy checking for my profile updates throughout the day, but with this mobile site, I feel like so much of the usability of this site has been cut off to me.
Thanks for the help...
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Most of the issues should have been resolved by now. Please let us know if you're still having issues with the mobile site.

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Do you have pain fatigue apps?
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Hi runnerkarrie,

You can add pain and fatigue data to your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Tracker from our mobile interface at m.medhelp.org --> Trackers.  Please let us know if you need any assistance with this!
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I have just joined and like what I see.

When I access the mobile site via my BlackBerry I see my headache info but cannot access/edit the tracker for the headache.

Am I missing a step?

Even when I view the mobile site on my desktop, the only trackers I can add info to are water and weight.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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Don't forget us Blackberry users who are always on the fly but still attempting to monitor our health.

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Hi there -

On your Blackberry, you can go to the full site (link is at the bottom of the mobile site), and use your trackers.  Obviously, the screen will be smaller, but you can still use them.  

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you need further assistance.

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