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Music Tracker (for health)

I realize that this is an unusual suggestion for a tracker but I believe it does go with the mood tracker well, can be implemented very easily, does not require any input by the user and can be used to predict or even change a person's mood.

My idea is a music tracker.

Most music programs have APIs to export played songs. Some have APIs for input as well. Combining the data from the mood tracker and the music tracker, MedHelp could determine what type of music, artist etc. puts the user in a better mood. At the very least it could be graphed, at a higher level it could be used to have the music player play songs which would increase the user's mood.
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Unusual idea but very interesting. You should check out the Music Lovers Group here (and maybe restart the "what type of music is good for our spirit?" thread). Who knows, someone may already be working on such a project.

You can find the group at this link:

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Or, we could have a sneezing tracker for those with allergies? (just kidding)
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Great idea!Music is my medicine.While taking care of my dying mom for 2 years I never listened to music because to me music=happy and it was a very sad time in my life,after mom died dad got sick,I took care of him also for 2 years without music(not even in the car) he has also since passed, and I make sure I listen to some kind of music everyday,I believe it is a type of therapy weather it is heavy metal,country or classical music it works!!
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