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New feature with new format

Today I noticed a new feature. When a question is opened there are many other questions that appear as you scroll down. They are called "related questions" although they aren't related to the original post. After scrolling down past all these questions there is finally a response to the original post BUT it looks like it's responding to the question right above it and not the original.  It's confusing and off putting.

I suggest not including "related questions" where a response is expected. I hate the new format.
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Hi, Vicki,
Thanks for your feedback -- I'll pass on your comments regarding the relevance and placement of the "related posts".

You can see the replies without scrolling past the "related posts" -- just click on the link right below the original post - it should say "5 answers", or however many responses there are.  Clicking it will bring you directly to the responses.
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Hi Claire, this is a good answer however when one clicks that way all they can do is comment.  You have to go back out of the answer section in order to fill in answer block.
Thank you
Hi, Dee,
I'm not sure I understand.  I'm typing in the answer block right below your post now. There's no need to back out -- where do you "back out" to?
Hi, just to be clear you are commenting in the comments block, not the answer block.  To get to that you would have to back to the original question to find the answer block, thank you
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I think what Dee might be saying that unless you want to type in one of the blue comment sections, you have to scroll back to the top to get to the white answer space that appears just below the original question.
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Hi Barb -


We are looking into adding an answer box at the bottom so people can read the entire thread and answer at the bottom, too.

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Hi Emily -

That might be more confusing, unless they're going to remove the top answer box under the original question.  There are already too many places to put comments.

Thank you
Thank you, I appreciate.  
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