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Nutritional Values - mg or mcg vs. %

Please give us the option for literal nutritional values (mg or mcg) or RDA%.  I live outside the USA and % values are: 1.  not always available or valid; 2.  As changes are made to the RDA they will not be altered in the db.  If the user is able to enter the literal values of the food, the system can calculate the %.  Both can be provided to the user for tracking &/or understanding.  [Import the RDA info in a table; link to the food entries; enter the calculaitn to be done; and the computer will do the operations for the %.]  If the actual value (mg or mcg) is not known the user is able to enter the % manually.

Here's an example for you:
Nestle's Milo 3 in 1 for Adults ---  Vit C     25.9mg     35%RENI
If I calculate this out...25.9mg x 3 = 77.7mg (105% RENI)
I multiplied by 3 bc it is 1/3 of the RENI.  The body needs more than 77.7mg of Vit C everyday.  

RENI = Recommended Energy & Nutrient Intakes
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Thank you for this suggestion.  I will pass it on!
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