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Organic gardening/ homeschooling forums?

I have thought about this.. There seems to be so many forum sites, and I really just come to this one. There is one other that a lot of my friends go to but they are mostly interested in a forum that has many topics, including Organic gardening or Homeschooling. Has anyone ever mentioned or thought about having an Organic gardening forum or one for homeschooling? I know these aren't "medical" but they would run in about the same lines as Beauty/ Cosmetics, Relationships/Divorce/Breakups, and Women's Social/Medhelp Social. Or should we just post questions there about these things?

Just a thought.
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My husband is really into organic gardening and is a Master Gardener. He visits a variety of forums online.

I think MH has gone so far away from simply being a medical website that I am sure this will come to fruition soon enough.

I am still waiting for the legal advice one...
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We are also into organic gardening. We spend so much money on food at the grocery story, and haven't "yet" got our garden soil ready yet, but hopefully this year will be our year to get started! I think that organic gardening does very much so link up to health!!

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*bump bump*
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Please feel free to discuss homeschooling in Maternal & Child or the Parenting forums. Organic gardening seems like it would be a great fit for Healthy Cooking.

As of now, we're not looking to create any more non-medical communities and forums. These topics would be great to cover in our existing forums.


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