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Ovulation Tracker Blackberry APP

I see you have a app for the iphone but I would like one for my blackberry!!!! Is this a possibility??
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100% agree on the blackberry apps too!! A pregnancy tracker would be awesome too!
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I totally agree! Good idea! I was thinking the same thing...
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Thanks for the suggestion. Right now, we plan on launching iPhone apps and Android apps. Blackberry apps are lower in priority for us as it's not as popular with our members as iPhones and Android phones. We'll let you know if we decide to launch some apps for Blackberry phones.

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Good. Can't wait to see the Android apps. Any details as to when those will be available?
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Haha, I just posted this very same question last week.... maybe they will bump up the priority now that they know so many of us need a BlackBerry app for the same thing!  (My Cycles) and Pregnancy tracker...
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would LOVE a blackberry app!
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