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Posts list under "My Medhelp" no longer include community link?

Dear MH,

Some time ago the formatting changed such that uses no longer have a list of their joined communities readily available.  At the time, the suggestion made to users was to go to My MhedHelp --> Posts, which would list the posts (with the newest on top), and each post listing had a link to the associated community.

Now it appears that the list of posts does not include a link to the associated community.

I'm having a hard time easily navigating to the communities I wish to follow.

Anyone else notice this and have a suggestion?

Any chance of getting the communities lists back?
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Hi, wonko,

Yes, our site's undergoing some changes, and I'm sorry you're having trouble navigating right now.  I do see your "Joined Communities" widget on the lower right-hand side of your profile page, though -- are you not seeing it?

Our developers would like to hear from you about this -- would you mind clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the screen to let them know what you're seeing (or in this case, NOT seeing), and how it affects your experience?

Thanks, and hope you have a great week ahead of you.

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