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I responded to "Klat" last week.  I do not see my response posted to "Klat" nor can I pull up my comments to this person.  The same thing happened when I posted a response to "ZoomZoom300hp".  Also, I submitted another posting regarding my "eye problem".  I think it was interpreted as an edit to my original posting since I cannot find my original posting.  I resubmitted a condensed version in hopes of getting some responses.

Please let me know if I am submitting properly or if I am doing something wrong..

Thank you,
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Hi there,

Is this the post you are looking for:

Let us know if you need more help!
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Thank you.  By the way, once I posted my condensed posting dated 7/23/14, I cannot find my original posting dated 6/30/14 titled "EXPLANT - LENS EXCHANGE DILEMMA".  If you find it in the ommunity "eye"posting, please let me know what # it is under.  I searched as far as seven.
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We can't tell if someone has read your response to them or not.  If they have chosen to be notified by email when you entered your response, they would have received an email to let them know.  If they did not select that option, then it is up to that member to return to the site and read the thread.
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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  Re:  ZoomZoom300hp - Yes this is one of the postings I responded to.  I have not heard back from them.  Is there a way of knowing if my response was received by them?
Re:  Klat - I just typed "Klat" in the "To" box & hit "post a comment" as I am doing with you.
I will try posting another comment.

Thank you
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Do you have a link for the post in which you were responding to Klat?  I don't see it.

Is this the post from ZoomZoom300hp?  If so, I see a response by you..  Is this what you're referring to?

MedHelp members do not have the ability to edit their posts, so I don't think the response was interpreted as an edit.  I've taken a look at your posts and see you have 7.  I don't show that any have been deleted/removed.  Can you try responding to another post and let us know if you have any difficulties?  Perhaps even try posting a test comment to one of the threads you started in the Eye Care forum?
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