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Rogue Scanner

Everytime I visit this website my Antivirus catches a threat Rogue Scanner and removes it.

A rogue scanner is a fake antivirus application that simulates false malware alerts on the user's computer and forces the purchase of a fake solution, thus gaining access to credit card information and money.

It's getting old, fix it.
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The same happens to me.
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I am getting the same thing as well.  However, I also get these stupid pop up surveys from retail stores (same survey just insert store name).  I just figured I have something that got through my fire wall and hadn't attempted to fix it yet on my end.  
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Yikes, thanks for the warning, Boobert.  I actually had my credit card imfo stolen years back, but my bank caught it...someone was in Palermo, Italy, trying to buy $1,200. worth of hardware, at a hardware store : (
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Hi, everyone,

I've passed your comments on to our engineers.  In the meantime, please be sure to check your control panel's install/uninstall tool to see if anything unfamiliar has been installed.  I'm guessing that your firewall's active, and that you're updating and using your antivirus and malware scanners regularly.  Thanks!


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