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Some type of BOLD Notice above a New Member's first post..

Although some of this information is located at the bottom of most pages, in help, Terms of Use etc and when a new member signs up. Most new members come here because of "Google search"  which indexes all view able by everyone areas including MedHelp communities. They may be in a hurry to post or answer a question.and not read it.  This adds to more one time posts and other issues that need to be addressed and takes unnecessary time from other members and MedHelp Mods to respond.

May I suggest some short version of the following be considered for future insertion in bold highlighted color  immediately above the post question area or reply box.

PLEASE READ THE DISCLAMER (or similar at the bottom of every page) & TOS BEFORE POSTING
This is not LIVE Chat  please be patient as it may take a few hours or even longer in some community forums for a reply.  Please return later if unable to wait for a reply.

This is a patient - to - patient community and no professional medical advice can be provided. Please do not post personally identifiable information like real name, email address, phone numbers, offer anything for sale etc. This area is indexed by search engines and may be view able by anyone.

My opinion only MedHelp can decide if desired, technical modifications required, text wording and content, and time required for implementation.  "if they do it probability won't be soon unless it's already a work in progress").  

This could have either a one time situation before a new member posts their first question or reply.  It could also appear until a member clicks an adjacent icon to disable the notice from appearing on the page view.  If they haven't keep their cookies and or if no way to include option in the Account Settings, Personalize & Customize settings it would reappear. Some other medical website member to member forums have similar type notices prominently displayed above posting text box.;

Time will tell and some new members will still not see it and or ignore it.  My guess is it will help in reducing but not eliminating the number of those we see posted and or never replied to by the original new member.

Here is a recent question posted here last month.

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That's a great suggestion, Jimmy - I'll pass it on to the folks that make these things happen. :)
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