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I went to add an Exercise Tracker but the options for the Exercise tracker are not suited to me.  I was looking more for a tracker that could track my in home exercise.  Such as

Sit ups
Leg Lifts (laying on back)
Leg lifts ( laying on side, top leg and bottom leg lifts, Bottom leg lift consists of making the number 4 with your legs top leg's foot in front of bottom legs knee. lift the bottom leg sideways towards the ceiling, this helps build the muscles in your inner thigh)
Push ups
Stair Stepping

There are a few other exercises I do but I do not really know what you would call them.  One is like a pelvic thrust, guess i do have a name for that. You lay on your back on the floor knees bent feet on floor. brace your arms beside you, palms down and lift your pelvis up and down never really touching the floor with your buttocks except between reps. helps strengthen your legs and abdomen and if you keep your buttocks tightened while doing them it helps there as well.  I also do another with 2 1/2 pound weights where i lay on my back on the floor and arms out to my side and lift my arms upwards towards the ceiling not bending my arms. only letting my arms touch the floor between reps.  Another exercise i do to strengthen my calves is i stand on a 2x4 with just my toes on the 2x4. i then push up like onto my tip toes and wait a few seconds then let myself down slowly. This can be done as well without a 2x4 but i like having the space under my heels empty so that i have consistant resistance trying to keep my balance. another exercise I do is lay on my back knees bent, feet on the floor, arms bent in towards you chest. then you twist as you sit up some and try to reach your right elbow to your left knee and then come back down then do again but try to get your left elbow as close to touching your right knee. i guess that is kind of a twisting crunch? helps stretch and strengthen. I always do stretches before doing any of these exercises. Such as sit on the floor with legs out and spread as far apart as i can then i bend towards the right leg trying to touch my toes with both hands then reaching out in front of me tryin to reach as far as i can forward and then to the left  trying to reach my toes with both hands. I do 20 of each of those then i also do neck rolls to help loosen me up 20 to the left then 20 to the right complete neck rolls.  Any other exercises or stretches that your experts could come up with just for the average woman or man to get kick started into getting some exercise would be appreciated. Normally my exercises take me no more than 30 minutes. If you called it Your 30 minute Daily Exercise Tracker it might even get some to start exercising. Many people think they have to exercise for more than an hour a day to get any results. These exercises along with eating healthy 3 meals a day is a great way to lose fat, gain some muscle tone and gain energy. I used to do these everyday. I kept track of what i was eating and i lost weight and had a lot of energy.  My only fall back was after i got pregnant with my 3rd son i stopped and never started back up. Till now. I wish i had started back up after his birth. I am now 230 lbs and only 5 foot 5. I would love to ahve a tracker to help me see my progress. I need to lose about 70 lbs. I do not want to get below 160 lbs, I have been below that before and i look quite sickly. At 185 lbs you can see my collar bones and stuff, so under 160 would not look healthy.

Please keep me posted if you make this tracker. I would appreciate it.
Thanks Bren

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I believe the exercises that you're referring to fall under the category of calisthenics. The primary calisthenics include sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, calf raises, and dips, but there are many other types of calisthenics. You can use that exercise type to track how long you do these exercises for.

Different types of exercise regimens are also discussed in the Weight Loss & Dieting community. Check it out and see if you find a set of exercises you like:


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thanks, will check it out!
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