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The MS Forum needs a chat room!

The way the MS forum communicates would be even better if we had a chat room!  Any reason why we couldn't have one?
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I have to agree with Rena on this.  That forum is very busy and it would help us out immensely.  I love this idea, thanks Rena for mentioning it to MedHelp.
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Absolutely! Posts are flying in so fast and furious, we may as well be instant messaging or something. A chat would rock!

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Let us look into this. Our Social forums have had some issues where new members in particular get confused, but in a close community like yours it might not be an issue. Thanks for the suggestion and we will let you know.

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Thank you for considering my suggestion!  I think that the format that we have now is very important as well but I find some of us are developing a cyber relationship that would benefit from a separate chat room.

If we could continue to post our questions and answers as we are now we would still be able to assist newbies and the regulars about specific problems but a chat room would allow for discussion and the tossing around of ideas that may be beneficial to a lot of the members.

Again, thank you for looking into this and we are looking forward to hearing what you are able to come up with!

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Are you talking about a general discussion forum, or a chat room?

A chat room might be fun, but how is tossing around ideas that may be beneficial to other posters going to benefit anyone when the posts go floating off into cyberspace two minutes later?

Chat room input would not be archived, would it? How would you even search it when it is one continuous stream? Would any idea you posted in chat be accessable 24 hours later?

I am asking, because I don't see any benefit to chat. Is there a misunderstanding on my part as to how chat works? Doesn't it just scroll off into oblivion?

Are Private Messages and notes too inconvenient?
I don't get it.
Explain it to an old man.

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