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The Weight Ticker


I love the site. You're doing a great job with it. Just wondering... is the ticker actually supposed to work -- like, show your ACTUAL weight today? Because mine just has a static read of 130, and has had since I joined. I thought then that if I embedded it in my blog it would show my actual weight, but still, just says 130 (which I haven't weighed, well, probably since 6th grade).

Is this a tool that you're still working on developing or is there something wrong with me that I can't figure out how to make it work?


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I think the ticker will show the actual weight for today if you post it today and the posts in-place reflect the weight when you posted it.

Maybe try to repost under my post with today's weight and see if your ticker reflects today's weight.

I'm going to change mine now and test mine out within this post.  The new weight should read 192.  My older tickers show 190.

Did you know you can add your Weight Tracker Stats to your Profile Page?  It's a really cool widget ... they also have them for mood, water consumption and more, too.  

To get one for your profile

Go to My MedHelp
  Under heading "All Other Applications:
Click on the Tracker Statistics you want on your Profile

Feel free to see an example of my weight, water consumption & mood stats on my profile!


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Yes, the ticker is supposed to actually work and it does in most cases. The ticker takes the last data point you entered, whether it's today, 3 weeks ago, or some time in the future. The trackers on our website do not allow you to enter data far into the future, but the iGoogle widget does. It looks like you set 130 as your weight for some future date through the iGoogle widget and this is what the ticker is picking up. The tickers work for everyone else.

If you would like, we can delete that future entry for you so that the ticker picks up the correct weight. Just respond to this thread and let us know.

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I have not been able to track my weight loss in weeks.  I followed the tutorial; I clicked the current date, but could not enter my current weight.  I am a little frustrated as seeing the weight tick down is a great incentive to me.
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Can you update your tracker on MedHelp? It seems that you can log into your tracker if you're posting a comment in the Suggestions community. Can you try adding your weight to the tracker from this site? Then if you can add it from here but not from igoogle, please send a message to Customer Support through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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